Infosphere is a  producer from the northcoast of Holland. he was infected by the sound of electronic dance music at the age of 16. That is when  he decided to make his own tracks on his old computer with fasttracker 2. A few years later his interest grew into music like acid house and old house record. Slowly his sound began to have more of an old school feel to it.This was the time that he decided to buy some old synthesizers with an old hardware sequencer and make some tracks on hardware.
Then techno music came in the picture, and he fell in love again with a new sound. Nowadays he tries to mix those 2 sounds together, especially the sounds of the Roland TB-303. Infected by the sound of the Roland TB-303 since the first time he heard it. He freqeuntly incorporates this little acid machine in almost every track he makes, to continue to bring the 303 into the next generation of techno music.

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