Mattias Fridell

Swedish Techno producer Mattias Fridell born in the early 80s, known for his mechanically & synthetic driven sound structures, is a man involved in many projects. His music is described as a futuristic synthesized realm containing grooves and pounding beats with extreme production & outstanding ideas.

In his early years Mattias got hooked with the electronic music scene fast and developed a special interest for different kinds of music. Coming from a music-interested family, the step to produce & write his own music was just a matter of time. Recording & mixing music with a double cassette-deck that his parents bought him was most likely a foundation for his early productions, as well as playing on his parents Yamaha-keyboard & Organ. Mattias first productions was recorded on tape with a cheap microphone.

As the years went, Mattias also got interested in playing music & deejaying with his friends. Music from the Rave & Acid scene grow just stronger & more impotent to him. Mattias met up Alexander Johansson, someone that shared his interest more then any other at the time. They produced music & played as Deejays together, but never had the guts to send their music anywhere, they were too picky about the content and constantly produced new, bigger & better tracks. Turning the time forward to around their 18th birthdays Mattias & Alexander teamed up with 2 other friends & started the small organization Boot-Media, which organized parties with electronic music and other events. Soon the ideas was born to start a record label. The process was slow and painful but eventually they had a concept they believed in, doing everything from artwork & music as well as administration, they got backed up by Boot-Medias creative financial man, Anton Johansson. The birth of the record label Embowel was a fact.

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