Homma Honganji

Starting his career in Tokyo at the end of 20th century. In 2002 Homma decided to join in the party as an event organizer with Yuko Minami. They would invite unique guest DJs like DJ Houz’Mon, DJ Wada, Chester Beatty, Christian Fischer, Robert Hood, Beroshima,Samuel L Session…In 2009 the " Bamboo EP " was released by Adult records, this was his debut release. Ever since ,he is having a worldwide sphere of activity He is also known as the guitarist and producer for his band Bigfire . In 2010, they released their 1st EP " Deathcotheque " which includes remixes by Beroshima a.k.a Frank Muller. The cover art is handled by Kishi Daimuro also known by Japanese MANGA artists Kyoryu.

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