Sceptical C

Sceptical C is his name, which represents how his vision is about lots of musical styles that are brought in by the different scenes. At first he started listening to Hip Hop, R&B, Merengue, Salsa, Bubbling, Rock and Pop, which were a common sound on the island of Curaçao. There was also the local music, tamboe, which was a music style that was created by the slaves in the early days. In this music you would have a rhytmic and uptempo beat, that is also an important influence in his beats. You can call uptempo his middle name! He started spinning some records at a friends house after creating the intrest in mixing al kinds of music toghether. He played at school- and house parties were he really got addicted to spinning the wheels of steel. At that time he was still in school, so it was a fact that he had to finish it first before he could get all in to the music scene. At the age of 19, after finishing his high school, he moved to the netherlands. Roots reggae and Reggae( Eek a mouse,Bob marley, UB40, Yellowman, Dj Moortje) were some sounds that he listened to allot when he came to The Netherlands to studie. After a break of 3 years he picked up the pase again with spinning records. He then came in contact with electronic music. In this case, House, Drum&Bass, Club, 2-Step, Lounge and even some Techno without knowing! So like you can see, his music influences defer from fast and uptempo, to nice and chill. After having played in “Cafe de Repelsteel” for 2 years, he got so bored of playing others people music, that he desides to start making it himself. After going to the open air dance partie “SHINE” in eindhoven, he started opening up more for the Techno sound. But he was not sold to it, until he went to ILT(I Love Techno) in Belgium. This was such an amazing experience with such an amazing sound that this was his new mission to start working on. Producing high quality Techno With a little help of his good friend and teacher, Tachini, he started working with Ableton Live ,Cubase and Fruityloops. Togheter they battled a long way to reach a high level of Techno, which would make you move your body and brains on the dancefloor till you popped! This won’t be the last you heard of him!

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