TonTek Records

Founded by Bjarne Nooter and Tony Demoet in 2008, Tontek Records released its first single in January 2009. It’s mission statement was to showcase the finest established techno producers alongside promising young and up coming artists, from around the globe and from the Netherlands. It has developed an instantly recognizable ‘sound’ and wants to deliver quality. Tontek Records is a digital label which aims to promote electronic music much further.

In 2005 Dj Tek-No-Bee met Dj/Producer Tony Demoet. They found out that they both shared the love for Techno. Since then Dj Tek-No-Bee has evolved as Dj and started in 2008 with the help of Producer Tony Demoet on producing. Tony Demoet made some killer productions for Protocast,Algophia Records and Pray 4 More Records.

We are looking for new artists, if you got what it takes to be a producer on TonTek

Please send us a demo, u can drop it via the drobox button in the sidebar !

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