Alexander Johansson

Swedish Techno producer Alexander Johansson. Known from the old school techno duo A.Johansson & M.Fridell, for their massive pounding beats.In his early years Alexander got hooked with the electronic music scene and developed a special interest for different kinds of music.

He started to play guitar when he was 8. Back then its was mostly Nirvana, Pearl Jam etc. But there was something about techno that got him to start buying records of it.

As the years went, Alexander also got interested in deejaying & producing. He met up Mattias Fridell,someone that shared his interest like no one other at the time.
They produced music & played as Deejays together, but never had the guts to send their music anywhere,they were too picky about the content and constantly produced new, bigger & better tracks.

Turning the time forward to around their 18th birthdays Mattias & Alexander teamed up with 2 other friends & started the small organization Boot-Media,which organized parties with electronic music and other events. Soon the ideas was born to start a record label.

The process was slow and painful but eventually they had a concept they believed in, doing everything from artwork & music as well as administration,they got backed up by Boot-Medias creative financial man, Anton Johansson.The birth of the record label Embowel was a fact, and their Solutions Ep were hailed by people in the scene.

After some years of laying low with techno producing.
Alexander had several conversations with Mattias about starting making techno music again, like the old days.His first thought was that the scene had changed to much for him.But he made the decision to power up the studio and produced music once again.

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