HIDEYOSHI a.k.a Thee Mad Scientist was born in Tokyo, Japan and from young age was hitting the clubs. The experiances he found there never left his minds eye they polished his inner light and hardened his focus!

With  greatest support from Director Takeshi Kitano. In the movie " Zatoichi " he dealt with the remix work. This filmed played at The Venice International Film Festival, and  played a role in the Golden Lion Award which is the highest honor.

In 2012 He released more than 100 tracks on 30 labels worldwide in only six months . As soon as he released first EP in April, 2012 he accomplished rapid growth as an artist. Who soon received his first offfer of a world tour as well.

His  2012 EP release was ranked the number one on Beatports Top Selling Tracks in Japan of August, 2012.  He now has a release out on Entropy Records of France.Also out on that label is " Killer Cross Over " an original experimental track . The sounds of the one and only, brought about by the sensitivity  , and a deep spirituality that is was forged in a streets of Tokyo.  He receives big support from many big artists of the world as well as the home.

The grooves of the jet black of Hideyoshi  are mysterious, and rise in night darkness, wacth for this new legend in world club scene.
" Third eyes greatly opens by the meditation that Hideyoshi goes every day,Live Performance which sacrificed his unique sharp sensitivity not to depend on reason to let loose from there for and one's mind and body.. I attract audience!! "

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