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Tek-No-Bee hits back with a nice 5 track EP called ''cosmic rays'' with nice remixes from Dutch producer Ronald Eikenbroek. These tracks will surely make you move on the dance floor and hit you like gamma radiation! ''12 tracks'' is deep and funky and ''Cosmic girl'' has a deep feeling to it. ''2 girls and a mixer'' goes down to the core! Be sure to buy these weapons!



Tek-No-Bee also known as Bjarne Goldbeck performed in the Netherlands at well known parties, festivals and clubs. In Europe he played in all of the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Slovenia and Czech Republic, Croatia, Ireland and Hungary.

Since 2003 he started seriously performing as a Dj with vinyl. His mixes are brought to a higher level by extra effects, beat juggles and scratches or 4 deck turntable action. He also started his own ''x-perimental parties'' in 2003 and in 2006 had his ''pitchshifter'' parties in his hometown.
These parties gave young techno talent a chance to prove themselves.

In 2007 he started his own party together with a friend called: ''S.L.E.T''. (sounds like extreme techno).

After that in 2009 he started to learn producing by the help of Tony Demoet. And he has released on alot of labels besides his own label Tontek Records.

You can describe his style as a mixture of influences coming from the eighties and nineties with hiphop, soul and funk! He loves to make the crowd move, so his productions always have a really great drive! He is one of the founders of ''Spuit 11'' Techno parties in the Rhone warehouse Amsterdam that were very succesfull in 2012/2013..


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