Tontek Records Podcast #03

Fidel Certuche aka Hired grooves is a Techno producer live act from Distrito Capital Colombia. Finishing his career as sound engineer in Bogotá-Colombia, he spends his time in sound designing and music production. His sounds moves from tech house to techno with fat bass drums and very groovy bass lines.

Atmospheres and drums are always present trying to lead the listener and make each track a sensorial experience. His performance is made in Ableton live using a 3 channels mixer and many fx’s as possible, always trying to find with his own tunes the underground flavor every clubber is looking for. Everyday learning from his mates but at the same time trying to leave a footprint in the growing Colombian scene, this producer keeps making music so he can improve his concept and idea of techno for sharing with all techno lovers.

He is going to release an EP called Rotor on Tontek Records and specially for us he made this booming Live act for our podcast.

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